The Most Common Causes of Receding Gums

Image of a bright and clean dentist's chair

Gum recession is a more common dental problem than many people think. Because it often happens gradually it might be some time before you notice your receding gums in the mirror. Receding gums occur when gum tissue disconnects from the bone of the teeth and creates pockets where bacteria collect. If given the chance to… Read more »

How to Prevent Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay is a very common problem among people of all ages. It is a symptom of what we eat and drink and there are steps we can all take to help prevent it. What is Tooth Decay? Tooth decay is the destruction of the structure of your teeth, both at the enamel and dentin… Read more »

Healthy Snacks Make a Healthy Smile

Image of sun-filled room with a bowl of cereal and fresh fruit

You’ve heard time and again that sugar is bad for your teeth. Plaque collected on our teeth creates acid that causes tooth decay when it meets sugars in our mouths. If some foods are so destructive, are there others that are not only safe but even promote optimal oral health? This month we’re talking about… Read more »

Dental Health During Pregnancy

Image of healthy pregnant woman

Between doctor’s appointments and hospital tours, not to mention all the changes happening in your own body, you might not have given much thought to how pregnancy will affect your dental health. Expecting mothers do experience some dental-related side effects. Increased hormone production during pregnancy affects your body’s reaction to plaque, creating an elevated risk… Read more »

How to Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is a fairly common dental problem among adults. Chronic gum disease affects 47.2% of adults over the age of 30, it is one of the biggest causes of adult teeth loss. Gum disease can range in severity, from mildly irritating to very painful. Often gum disease goes unaddressed until the problem becomes painful…. Read more »