6 Most Common Cosmetic Dental Procedures

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Cosmetic dentistry has gained popularity as more people want to restore or improve their beautiful smiles. Around 99.7% of adults in the US believe their smile is an important asset for their social life. They think it’s important for their social, romantic, and professional life. With the advancements in cosmetic dental procedures, people can now receive treatments… Read more »

4 Signs You Need Restorative Dental Care

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When it comes to your smile, you can not compromise. If you have a smile you’re happy with and proud of, you’ll radiate joy, excitement, and confidence. Hiding your smile will only affect your self-esteem. Our experts at Park Avenue Dental can help you restore your smile with cosmetic and restorative dentistry. If you relate… Read more »

Restorative Dentistry: What It Is, Types & Procedures

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Restorative dentistry involves dental procedures that can help you maintain your mouth’s optimal health and functionality. This also includes procedures to replace missing teeth and preventative dentistry. Unlike cosmetic or general dentistry, restorative dental procedures aim to replace or repair teeth. This prevents oral health problems and helps you cover dental flaws. In this guide, we’ll… Read more »

7 Ways to Help Manage Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

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Chewing, smiling, laughing, and talking—we carry out these facial movements daily. However, if you are experiencing pain when doing any of this, you might have temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ). The common symptoms are headaches, earaches, facial pain, and jaw tenderness. In this condition, it’s important to avoid certain harmful habits and behaviors that can strain… Read more »

How To Prevent Cavities-INFOGRAPHIC

How To Prevent Cavities-INFOGRAPHIC

Here are the some tips to prevent cavities so follow us and learn more information about it;