Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry at Park Avenue Dental

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At Park Avenue Dental, our love for kids motivates our choice to cater to children in a variety of ways as a family dental care facility. As a family-friendly dental office, we not only treat many different families, but we also treat many different kinds of families with children of all ages. By not limiting our dental services to pediatric dentistry alone, we are able to care for the dental needs of your entire family in one convenient location.

Preventative Dentistry

Our overall philosophy toward dentistry for children is the same as our philosophy of dentistry for adults: prevention is the best medicine. At Park Avenue Dental, we prioritize preventative dentistry with children and begin teaching them and their parents the necessary habits for good oral hygiene right away.

Family Dental Care for Children

When children come of the age in which they can increase their participation in their personal hygiene, our dentists begin talking directly to them in order to empower them to take responsibility for their teeth.

A signature provision of pediatric dentistry at Park Avenue Dental is an introduction for younger children to the process of a dental visit on their own in which we allow them to come into an appointment with their parents or older siblings to observe the typical procedures.

The Dentist Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Fear of the dentist can be a common problem among children. Park Avenue Dental wants to make dentist trips a positive experience for the whole family. We will work with you to make sure that your kids enjoy their trips to the dentist.

There are things that parents can do to alleviate the fear children might have before their trip to the dentist:

  • Maintain an optimistic perspective, if you don’t like the dentist chances are your children will feel the same way.
  • Feel free to share pictures of our office and our staff!
  • Explain to them that the dentist is there to make sure that they stay healthy.

We strive to make the first experience in a dentist’s office a fun one. We try to create positive experiences from beginning to end for your children.

  • Before an appointment begins, kids can play with crayons and coloring books in the lobby.
  • We have children’s books that explain to them what the dentist is like in a language that is easy for them to understand.
  • During the introductory appointment, our dentists interact with children by supplying them with small, positive experiences such as counting their teeth, giving them a “ride” in the chair, and providing them with a prize at the end for being such a good patient.

The actual appointment for your child will include checking the placement and health of your child’s teeth and inspecting the jaw and gums for any potential problems. We teach your child the basics of dental care. These efforts prove to children that dentistry is not only important but that it can also be fun as they spend time with the friendly people at Gainesville’s top family dentist. To learn more about what to expect during your child’s first dental trip click here.

Family Dentistry Information for Parents

As the dentists at Park Avenue Dental develop their relationship with the children, they continue to communicate with the parents so that everyone in the family has the information they need. Our dentists are always available to answer any questions you may have about your children’s oral health or about any of our dental products. To reassure parents about the safety of our products, we only use BPA-free sealants and mostly latex-free materials.

Park Avenue Dental’s Love for Kids

We are proud to have created a place where all members of the family can receive the best family dental care with the people they love and from the people they trust. We want to make your family part of our family at Park Avenue Dental, so to learn more about how we address the dental needs of both children and adults in the Gainesville area, call us today!