Dental Fillings

At Park Avenue Dental, our dental fillings are designed to renew the functionality of teeth that have been damaged as a result of decay. We offer composite fillings that provide the look and feel of natural teeth while giving the existing tooth strength and endurance.

Metal-Free Dental Fillings

Fillings are restorative dental products that repair the structural quality of the tooth while erasing any and all functional and visual evidence of decay. In the past, amalgam fillings have been the most common and most practical type of filling available. However, today’s advanced dentistry offers metal free, tooth colored composite fillings as an equally capable and infinitely more attractive option for cavity correction.

Tooth colored composite fillings consist of ceramic and plastic compounds and were originally used to repair damage to the front teeth but were not sturdy enough to endure the endless grinding and chewing of the back teeth. However, due to progress in the development of dental restorations, tooth colored composite fillings now boast the superior strength, resilience, color, and appearance necessary to serve both the front and the back teeth. Park Avenue Dental patients can receive fillings that are durable and indiscernible enough to rebuild damaged teeth while retaining personal confidence.

Benefits of Composite Dental Fillings

dental fillings park avenue dental Gainesville FLComposite fillings afford numerous advantages to our patients:

  • A Variety of Shades – Composite fillings come in a variety of shades that our dentists can use to achieve the most accurate match to the color of your natural teeth.
  • Smooth Feeling – They feel as smooth and comfortable as real teeth as soon as the procedure is finished, so they are basically undetectable to everyone, including the wearer.
  • Strong – With the solid chemical bond that tooth colored composite fillings achieve with the structure of the tooth, they avoid the need for added stabilization from slots, pins, or grooves, and they are able to return 85-95% of the former strength to the tooth. Their adherence to the tooth also allows dentists to keep their size to a minimum, and as they harden in seconds, composite fillings are immediately operational.

As our first priority with restorative dentistry at Park Avenue Dental is fulfilling all of your dental needs and preferences, we can still provide patients with amalgam fillings upon request, but we frequently recommend tooth colored composite fillings in order to offer their many dental benefits to our patients.

Dental Filling Solutions

Composite fillings can resolve in several different dental issues, such as:

  • Fractures and decay in the teeth
  • Gaps in the teeth
  • Chips in the teeth
  • Uneven or misaligned teeth
  • Worn down tooth structure
  • Loose teeth
  • Discolored, undersized, or misshapen teeth

Dental Fillings at Park Avenue Dental

If you are in need of dental fillings, contact us at Park Avenue Dental to schedule an appointment. We will take a look at your individual dental needs and help you decide if composite fillings are the best option for you. We offer friendly and professional service and look forward to helping you achieve your best smile yet!