6 Commonly Believed Dental Myths Busted

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When it comes to your teeth, many dental myths float around that are accepted as fact. Some of these dental myths may seem harmless, but in reality, they could hinder you from giving your oral health the attention it needs for your teeth to stay healthy. Read on as we debunk these common dental untruths…. Read more »

Overbite vs. Underbite vs. Crossbite: What’s the Difference?

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An estimated 36% of Americans are scared to go to the dentist. As a result, some fixable dental issues may go undiagnosed or untreated, including teeth misalignment. Have you heard the terms “overbite,” “underbite,” or “crossbite” and wondered about the differences between them? The unfortunate truth is that these problems go beyond aesthetics and can… Read more »

Teeth: Your Bite-Sized Guide

dental hygienist holding up a mouth model

You depend on them to eat for survival and use them daily, but have you ever wondered what your teeth are actually made of and how they work? If so, read on because we have you covered with all things teeth. Understanding Human Teeth As humans, we’re what’s called diphyodonts, which means that we develop… Read more »

Everyday Dental Care for Adults

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Being an adult is busy, but you don’t want it to make you neglect your teeth. Because when you take care of your teeth, they take care of you — for a lifetime. Read on for our tips on how to take care of your teeth and mouth as an adult. Brush Maintaining a regular… Read more »

Why Do I Wake Up With Morning Breath?

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No matter how clean a person you are or how attentive you are to your hygiene, chances are you have experienced the rancid smell of morning breath emanating from your mouth — or your partner’s — when you wake up at least once in your life. You may be wondering what causes morning breath and… Read more »