Bad Dental Habits To Avoid-INFOGRAPHIC

Bad Dental Habits To Avoid-INFOGRAPHIC

Here are some bad dental habits that you should have to avoid;  

The Oral Health Benefits of Vegetables

A basket of vegetables

Have you ever wondered about the oral health benefits of vegetables? Vegetables contain an array of vitamins and minerals that help the body prevent mouth diseases such as gingivitis. Some vegetables also help with plaque removal and enable us to maintain a diet that’s free of foods like sugar and meat that are known to… Read more »

How to Protect Your Teeth During the Holidays

A couple of people at the beach laughing and hugging each other

Do you miss having Christmas lunch with the family and watching New Year’s Eve fireworks lighting up the sky over Gainesville? While the December/January holidays are over, there are plenty more coming up soon—and that means a few more nights of drinks and food that might affect our oral health if we aren’t careful. Lucky… Read more »

Sensitive Teeth: Causes and Remedies

A person wearing lipstick grinning

Have you ever grimaced in pain while eating ice cream or drinking a hot cup of coffee? If so, one of the reasons why could be heightened teeth sensitivity. Having sensitive teeth isn’t a medical issue in itself; It’s a symptom of poor oral health and may arise due to numerous factors. Curious to know… Read more »

Why Your Gums Hurt When You Brush Your Teeth

A woman grimacing while using a toothbrush

Do your gums get sore whenever you brush your teeth? There are numerous reasons why this could be happening, such as gum disease, which affects almost half of the country’s adult population. Fortunately, most factors that cause gum tenderness/pain may be treated through common methods like altering how you brush your teeth. In this article,… Read more »