New Patients

The Patient Experience at Park Avenue Dental

Dentists at Park Avenue Dental in Gainesville, FL

Park Avenue Dental is a family-owned dentist office that provides quality dentistry with a personal touch. Our goal is to develop enduring relationships while providing excellent services that meet our patients’ changing dental needs throughout the duration of their lives.

We welcome all new patients with open arms. When a new patient visits our office, they can expect comfort, concern, and communication from the entire team at Park Avenue Dental.


The friendly staff of Park Avenue Dental prioritizes patient comfort. We want to ensure each and every patient is as comfortable as possible throughout their visit. This includes not only addressing how our patients feel physically but also mentally and emotionally. At Park Avenue Dental, we treat more than just teeth: we treat people, and we do so with concern for their overall health and the general state of their lives.


Park Avenue Dental demonstrates concern for our patients by offering superior dental services that utilize the most advanced technologies. Your first visit to our office will include a comprehensive exam that features a full series of x-rays and a detailed cancer screening. By consistently updating our office, we ensure thorough services with cutting-edge tools and procedures. At Park Avenue Dental, we will do everything we can to address all aspects of our patients’ oral health because our concern for our patients is the purpose of our practice.


At Park Avenue Dental, we communicate with our patients every step of the way. We believe that constant communication with our patients allows us to create a successful treatment plan that is tailored towards each individual. Our team will ask a series of questions at the initial visit to reveal the preferences and expectations each patient has for their oral health and gives them the opportunity to provide input into their treatment plan.

New Patient Information

Park Avenue Dental’s attention to comfort, concern, and communication starts before the patient even arrive at our office. For new patients visiting Park Avenue Dental for the first time, we encourage you to bring a list of questions you may have for our office, including any concerns or oral problems you have been experiencing.

The Park Avenue Dental Approach to Patients

Park Avenue Dental wants to empower the people of Gainesville to not only make sound decisions about their dental care and oral health but also to have the most enjoyable dental experiences possible. We believe that dental treatment should take place in a comfortable environment in which the office staff and dentists communicate with patients out of genuine concern for them, and we use this belief to guide our practice. To learn more about what the patient experience is like at Park Avenue Dental, contact our office today!