Worst Foods for Oral Health in 2023

Whether you were at Bo Diddley Plaza for the downtown countdown or had low-key celebrations at home, chances are New Year’s resolutions crossed your mind at some point. One of the most popular goals Floridians set each new year is to get healthier—and taking care of your teeth and gums by being mindful about what you eat is a big part of achieving this.

With this in mind, we’ve list 3 of the worst foods for oral health to avoid in 2023. Check them out below!


Who doesn’t enjoy digging into a couple of gummy bears as a treat? While it’s acceptable to eat them from time to time, we recommend avoiding them as often as possible because they’re likely to get stuck between your teeth.

Gummy candies that get stuck in your teeth expose them to sugar for a prolonged period. The longer they take to dissolve in your mouth, the longer your mouth acts as a hotbed for bacteria. This causes everything from gum disease to gingivitis and periodontitis if left unaddressed.

Pulled Beef

Speaking of things getting stuck between your teeth, the second item on our list of the worst foods for oral health is pulled beef.

Strands of beef that get trapped deep between your teeth are difficult to remove no matter what sort of toothbrush you use. They’re also extremely difficult to get rid of using floss. These strands act as a food source for bacteria that eat away at the calcium in your teeth to create cavities and promote tooth decay.


It’s tough to think of the worst food for oral health—but sodas come close because of their ingredients. The combination of high levels of sugar and the carbon dioxide that causes them to fizz creates something called carbonic acid that acts to dissolve the enamel on your teeth.

In simple words, the sugar feeds mouth disease-causing bacteria while the carbonic acid washes away one of your teeth’s only natural defenses against the bacteria. This creates a dangerous situation that can cause even the healthiest people to succumb to diseases like gingivitis and gum disease.

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