Implant-Retained v. Hybrid Fixed Dentures

When it comes to your smile, everyone should be able to feel confident. However, when it comes to missing teeth, that confidence can be hard to find. Our bodies are smart and when they don’t detect teeth, they tend to relocate tissue away from your jaw. This can lead to a sagging smile and weaker muscles. 

Thankfully, there are appliances called denture implants that fill that spot, tricking your body into supporting your face muscles once again. There are a few dental solutions available, when combined with dental implants, to produce a natural looking smile that feels great. We’ve outlined two popular denture options: implant retained dentures and hybrid fixed dentures.

Implant-Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are a popular and cost effective dental procedure. These dentures are securely placed by using mini dental implants in your jawbone. A removable denture is placed on top and the implants  help to keep your denture secure while talking and eating. 

When to Choose Implant-Retained

One of the benefits of implant retained dentures is the lower costs. Due to less implants being placed, these dentures are more cost effective while still improving the quality from regular dentures. While implant retained dentures are a great help when eating and talking naturally, your gums still absorb much of the force from biting. This is something you should consider when deciding what’s the best option for you!

Hybrid Fixed Dentures

Hybrid fixed dentures are an increasingly popular alternative to overdentures. This hybrid technique incorporates dentures and dental implants by securely implanting dentures to your jawbone. Four titanium implants are fused with your jaw with a titanium bar secured on top containing the set of teeth. The implants then allow your dentures to remain secure and firmly anchored to your jawbone. 

When to Choose Hybrid Fixed

Hybrid fixed dentures give you the closest feel to the appearance and functionality of natural teeth. Due to the placement of implants, the force of biting will be received by your jaws, rather than your gums like traditional dentures. Additionally the care of hybrid fixed dentures is just as if you had natural teeth: flossing, brushing, and six month check up to keep them in check. You can thank the implants for being low maintenance.

With the large number of implants needed to complete the hybrid fixed procedure, your jawbones and tissue will be considered to see if you are a good candidate. Your jawbone will need to be able to support the implants. For patients who have too much decay in their bones have the option to receive bone and tissue grafts, however this can become a costly option. The best alternative is implant retained dentures, which require less invasive implants.

Dentures with Park Avenue Dental

If you are missing teeth, there are several dental options for you! Depending on a number of factors, our dentists will be able to determine with dental solution is best for your. To schedule a consultation to learn if implant-retained or hybrid-fixed dentures are right for you, call our office today!